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Night Bus 01.06.2014
This little piece of heaven 28.05.2014
This May Be The Beer Talking But... 27.05.2014
A bit about Vietnam 24.05.2014
Retraction 24.05.2014
The Quickest Way to Become a Millionaire 23.05.2014
Culture Shock Revisited 20.05.2014
The Best Moment of the Trip So Far 17.05.2014
China Budget 14.05.2014
The night from Hell 14.05.2014
Dorm Etiquette: How To Deal With A Loud Snorer 10.05.2014
Another one of those moments. 09.05.2014
Tranquil Guilin 06.05.2014
Lovely Gena and Her Couch 04.05.2014
Where's the Hair? 30.04.2014
Yes Shanghai IS a long way for dumplings! 29.04.2014
It takes a while to get your head around China! 26.04.2014
Tiananmen Square & The Great Wall of China 26.04.2014
I'm not eating that!! 23.04.2014
Our Escape from Sri Lanka 22.04.2014
Under Budget! 20.04.2014
Train From Ella is Spectacular but Nothing Beats a Good Tuk 20.04.2014
Happy New Year!! 18.04.2014
And then she just whipped out my breasts!!!! 17.04.2014
The Struggles of Being Female 16.04.2014
Culture Shock? 15.04.2014
Southern Sri Lanka 10.04.2014
Packing for the trip 09.04.2014
Some thoughts on the big trip! 03.04.2014